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Geos. 220 Southwest Fire Outline and Essay

Fall 2013 Due Dates

Start the fire management outline on Thursday, November 7.
Turn in fire management outline on Thursday, November 14.
Graded outlines will be returned on Thursday, November 21.
Start the fire management essay on Thursday, November 21.
Turn in fire management essay on Tuesday, December 3, with graded outlines attached.

Essay Assignment for Geosciences 220 Students

The assignment is to write an essay on the topic of forest fire management in the Southwest. For example:

Your essay report should:

First: Start With a Topic Sentence Outline

We will start this assignment with an outline. Click here for instructions and an example. Note: Still include a data graphic and a list of references with the outline.

Later: Finish With the Essay Itself

  • Staple your graded fire outline to the back of your essay
  • 1000 words (about 3 pages)
  • Italicize the topic sentence of each paragraph.
  • Include a list of sources (titles, not just urls) in the back, not part of the 1000 words
  • Include data figure, with caption
  • Click here for an example essay on the topic of the US in the UN.
  • Yet More Writing Help

    Check out this compilation document for yet more suggestions on writing effective essays. It covers such things as:

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