Society of American Foresters

Southwestern Section Meeting

Northern Arizona Chapter

April 27-29, 2017

Flagstaff, Arizona

Theme: Technology in Forestry

April 27

Ice Breaker and Social Hour

District/National Report Jim Thinnes
District 4 Representative

April 28

Presentation Title


Welcome and Opening Remarks Kent Reid
Chair 2017, Southwestern Section
Keynote: Technological Developments in Forestry: The Inevitable Change Andrew Sánchez Meador
Forest Biometrics and Quantitative Ecology
Northern Arizona University
A Gentle Introduction to Forestry Science Workflows in the Era of Cloud Computing Tyson Swetnam
BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona
Technology and restoration: A Digital Restoration Guide Travis Woolly
The Nature Conservancy, Flagstaff
Steep Slope Cut-to-Length Logging — An Alternative to Skyline and Helicopter Bob Rich
USFS Southwestern Region
Salad Within: Genetically Identifying Diet of an Endangered Species Dan Sanchez
Bat Ecology and Genetics Laboratory
Northern University Arizona
Keynote: Emerging Technical Advancements for the Natural Resources: Myths, Deceptions, and Assorted Anecdotes Steven Sesnie
US Fish & Wildlife Service
Monitoring Forest Health in the Southwest Danny DePinte
USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station
Evaluating Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Forest Service Integration and Resource Management Amanda Grady
USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station
DNA, UAVs, Climate and Disease: Working Across Disciplines to Sustain Southwestern White Pine Kristen Waring
School of Forestry
Northern Arizona University
Business Meeting, Southwestern Section SAF General membership of SWSAF
Evening Banquet, Southwestern Section SAF Roux 66, Flagstaff, Arizona

2017 SWSAF Recognition

Presenter: Kent Reid, Chair SWSAF

Photos by Diane Drobka (click to enlarge)

Ray Wrobley
50-year certificate

Alexander Evans
Outstanding Forester

Jessie Ouztz
Field Forester of the Year

Josh Bahling
Young Forester of the Year

Keith Moser
Outstanding Contribution to Forestry (From Inside the Profession)

Neil Chapman
Outstanding Contribution to Forestry (From Outside the Profession)
Paul Summerfelt
Outstanding Communicator

Field Trip, April 29

Photos by Diane Drobka (click to enlarge)

1st Stop Eldon Springs Road: Flagstaff WUI Treatments and 4FRI Update

Field discussion

Burned slopes above
2nd Stop Fort Valley — Chimney Spring: Tablet Marking in the Field

Old foresters learning
from a young forester

Old foresters getting
the hang of it

Western Bluebird

Lesser Goldfinch
Sponsored by:

The Nature Conservancy Arizona

3rd Stop Mountainaire: Active logging operation

Tablets even for logging

Nice slash!

Field Group Photo

Organizing Committee

This Annual Spring Meeting of the Southwestern Section (Arizona and New Mexico) of SAF was organized by:
  • Mark Nabel
  • David Auty
  • Josh Bahling
  • Ariel Leonard
  • Al Hendricks
  • Mary Stuever
  • Michael Gould
  • Jessie Ouzts

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Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Secretary-Treasurer, Southern Arizona Chapter, SAF